Lyme Symptoms – One tick bite has changed my life!

lymeI clearly remember the day I stepped out of my house to play golf with friends. I was enjoying my game, up to the time which one of my shot landed in bushy wooden spot, distant from a golf open area. I took out my golf ball and suddenly, I supposed a bug bit me. I felt extreme intolerable pain. I did not have any similar feeling of pain before. Probably, one or two weeks later, I observed a small, patchy red rash surrounding the bite. I started getting a feeling of being exhausted, my heart rate was increased and ears started ringing. At that time, I behaved abnormally. May be these were the initial Lyme symptoms. I visited a nearby clinic and narrated to doctor about my symptoms and my weird behavior. He said that I was suffering from a mental disorder, and that I need to see a psychiatrist .

Then, I approached an analyst who sent me to another analyst, than to another and so forth.

This vicious series continued until I met a specialist, who checked my rash and told me that I had Lyme disease symptoms, and was suffering from this disease. He started my treatment immediately. I had to take huge dosages of medicines everyday to cure Lyme disease. Although I was under medication, it was just the beginning of series of diseases. I developed high fever, muscular disorder and arthritis. These are the advanced Lyme disease symptoms.

I believed Lyme disease was ruining my life. My life changed with the symptoms of Lyme Disease

I underwent some intense medical treatment to treat Lyme disease, which helped me to recuperate fast. Some people assume that, may be I had this really strong will power to lead active life again.


Now, I am here back to normalcy although, I still have these frequent Lyme disease symptoms as bouts of fever and feel fatigue at times. I made intensive research on Lyme diseases. I found that the cause of it is a tick bite. These ticks are mostly found in wooden areas. If not treated on time, the Lyme disease disrupts the entire functioning of the body.

One tick bite has changed my life. However, my illness has taught me that we need to be always careful in life.

People should note and be aware of Lyme disease symptoms. Therefore, this is my story, the reality of living with Lyme disease.


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Lyme disease symptoms – Rash -Photo Credit: James Gathany