About Me

Lyme Disease Symptoms: Some Facts About Me

My name is Mike. I am 47 years old, I am teaching at College in New York since 1998.I am married to a wonderful woman, we have 3 children and we live in New York.

Our life are full with work and hobbies such as gardening, reading, traveling, computers, golf, art, and relaxing with our children and extended family. I used to love camping, hiking and walking but Lyme disease makes it a little harder to do of it.On August 1992, a tick did bit my hands that made me ill with Lyme disease. I had undergone a life changing personal experience of horrific Lyme Disease. It was the most challenging, yet rewarding time of my entire lifetime. At that time it seemed as end of road for me. I had a bitter experience.However, with proper medication, now I am hail and hearty to share my experience and make people aware of this dreadful disease.My motive is to make people alert of the different signs and risks associated with Lyme Disease. People should understand Lyme disease, how does it affect unknowingly and what outcome does it renders on mind, physique and soul of the affected person.

Through my story, I want people to know that, one nasty tick bite is enough to change the entire life of an individual. This site is also useful for those people, who are presently suffering from Lymes Disease and have few doubts and discrepancies in their mind.

However, the description in my site is not a diagnostic tool, but my intention is to proffer a foundation for you to have a discussion with your personal physician regarding the countless Lyme disease symptoms and treatment.

Take care!