Bacteria? Ticks? – What Are The Lyme Disease Causes?

Any Idea What is the Cause of Lymes Disease?

The main cause of Lymes Disease is the bacteria named Borrelia Burdgorferi. This specific group of bacteria is also termed as spirochetes. They have a distinctive spring like appearance when observed under the microscope.Lymes-Blacklegged Tick Transmit Borrelia burgdorferi

I got this disease through the bite of infected ticks while playing golf. According to my studies, scientists identified this disease in humans in the year 1975, and nine years later in the dogs. It is a perplexing condition, since this disease affects many organs within the body. Lymes disease produces a wide variety of symptoms that can mimic other diseases. That is why the other name of this disease is the great pretender.

You may get shocked to know that many doctors do not know much about the transmission, effects and treatment of such disease. It first appeared near the town of Lyme near Connecticut and this is how the disease got its name. Although, first reported in each part of the United States, it has become more common in some specific areas.

For your knowledge, the tick is simply a method through which the bacterium reaches its host. Ticks do not play any role in this disease. The most likely time for this disease to be prevalent is from the months of April to November. Most transmissions happen due to the bite of an extremely small tick called as the black legged tick or the deer tick.

Although the disease is asymptomatic in animals such as dogs, people who suffer from it display a wide variety of symptoms. When I got Lymes disease, I had indications of high fever and, doctors diagnosed me with Cholera. It was only when the joints of my hands became painful and swollen, that I came to know I had Lymes disease.

As per my personal experience, at early stages of this disease, the bacteria found in ticks spread through the lymph stream and the blood stream. It is at this stage that, the lymph nodes become painful and swollen. One early symptom is the large areas of rashes. Often, at the center of rash you can see bull’s eye pattern. The others can develop joint and muscle pain. Sometimes, you can experience swelling of lymph node or flu like illness.

Later stages of Lymes disease can also cause human arthritis and heart or nerve damage. Even memory loss or depression may occur. On most occasions, it manifests in the form chronic fatigue syndrome.

Hence, it is important for you to understand the cause first, so that it becomes simpler for you to detect and diagnose the disease at the earliest.