Depression, Anxiety and Lymes

Some words about Lymes and emotional health problems and symptoms

Those who spend time in outdoor activities , whose life are full with action, are most likely to contract with lymes. All of a sudden, a bizarre series of symptoms is interrupting their lives. Their ability to live their life to its fullest becomes impaired.

Lymes is like having symptoms of all the foremost diseases compiled into one.

Last researches point up the mental and emotional health symptoms related with Lymes. Borrelia Burgdorferi Spirochete attack the nervous system cells and causes neurological and psychological symptoms. In spite of treatment with antibiotics, neuro-cognitive signs could endure for years in those who contracted Lymes disease. (Research published in December 2005)

Psychological variables of Depression and anxiety are highly associated with Lyme disease.

Some affects of Lymes Depression:

  1. Sleep disorder, fibromyalgia
  2. Tremendous fatigue
  3. Irritability and anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks
  4. Desperate thoughts, even thoughts of suicide
  5. Poor concentration, attention and memory, short-term memory and ‘brain fog’
  6. Loss of libido

Keeping the lines of communication open is important.

The Lyme disease patient and his friends should apply the physician and therapist as soon as they notice any changes in behavioral changes or physical symptoms.