Get Checked For Lyme Disease – Video

Get Checked For Lyme Disease -Keith Schorsch Story- Video

Imagine waking several times each night with wracking pain.

In the morning, you can barely move, let alone dress yourself.

Now imagine not knowing what’s wrong with you.

That’s what Keith Schorsch went through. Ten doctor visits, many months, yet no one could tell him why. Finally, a phone call from a friend changed everything. “Get checked for Lyme disease,” she advised.

Sure enough, Keith soon learned he had Lyme, a disease in which a tick bite releases bacteria that cause a serious infection throughout the body. If left untreated, it can lead to facial paralysis, extreme joint pain, and chronic fatigue.

Even worse, a person might not be able to ever think straight and their heart could be permanently damaged. In this video, Keith and his wife, Jennifer, share their harrowing story, and the good that came out of it: a changed outlook on life, a stronger relationship, and a thriving online health community,

The friend that called them saved Keiths life; Trusera was founded on a belief in the power of friends like this, those who have been through it. Out of a bleak outlook came an idea, Trusera, which aims to help people find and share health insights and recommendations with others who have been there, thus helping them to avoid the confusion, isolation and pain that Keith and Jennifer describe in this story.