How Lymes Can Affect Your Life?

The onset of Lymes has changed the way I perceive life. In fact, I never knew anything about Lyme disease until my family doctor diagnosed me with it. Initially, lyme disease symptoms were mild. However, slowly and steadily, they aggravated. Lyme disease afflicted me in three main stages. The first stage was the localized early disease stage.

The moment I received infection of Lymes, I had a skin rash at the place where I received the tick bite. It was the first stage of my Lyme disease. Skin rashes at the site of the tick bite are common for people, who catch hold of Limes disease.

The common bite locations are the buttocks, the groin, the armpit or behind the knee. In my case, the rash appeared a month after the tick bit me. Initially, I felt it hot to touch. The rash on my skin appeared red on the outside with a clear center. I mistook it for a common rash due to ant bite. How I wish, I had approached the doctor the then.

Days after the skin lesion appeared, I began to develop symptoms of more widespread infection of Lymes. At this stage, I got a vague feeling of uneasiness or discomfort, a feeling of fatigue or sluggishness. I even had repeated headaches with incidences of chills and fever. Thereafter, I suffered from skin rashes on different parts of my body.

More suffering: Even this was not enough, and my symptoms of Lymes aggravated even after the secondary stage. This was the onset of the third stage of Lymes. At this stage, I developed other problems that included my nervous system, heart and joints.

I also suffered from the heart inflammation. I was one amongst the 10% of the people who suffered from the symptoms of Lymes. I began to have unexplained fainting and my heart began to beat rapidly. It had to pay regular visits to my doctor for treatment of Lymes disease.

My doctor told me that, even my nervous system was inflamed because of Lymes. I had rapid bouts of irritability, headaches, lethargy and sensitivity to bright light. Slowly and steadily, my condition seemed to worsen despite medications for Lymes disease. I suffered from facial paralysis. It seemed that life had come to a standstill for me. In addition, I used to have repeated sleep disturbances and extreme pain in my joints. This was how Lymes disease affected my life miserably. If you have a rash anywhere on your body, do consult a doctor, or you may suffer from the very hellish life that I have gone through because of Lymes.

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