I Have a Flu Symptoms And Rush…I Am In Panic, Are Those Lyme Disease Symptoms?

What should we discuss with our physician when suspecting Lymes disease? Flu symptoms

Lyme disease symptoms often begin with flu symptoms – like feelings of headache, fever, muscle pains, weakness and stiff neck. Around 60% of light skinned patients experience an exclusive enlarging inflammation, which people refer to as erythema migrans (EM), few days or weeks after the tick’s bite.

Conversely, dark skinned people effected by Lyme disease experience bruise.

As in my case, the rashes appeared within a day of the tick’s bite. My Lymes disease journey started with a small, reddish swelling measuring around one-half inch in diameter, and was minimally flat. Further, it quickly expanded externally leaving a usual flesh color in the middle.

Many times, people misdiagnose early Lymes disease for flu symptoms. Later on, they experience certain non specific signs along with range of difficulties with skin, heart and lungs, digestion, muscles and joints, eyes, reproductive systems, brain, and ears.

Eventually, I discovered that multiple scelrosis, fibromyalgia, alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit disorder, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, and depression could actually lead to lymes disease.

Further, when I started researching more about Lyme disease symptoms, I found several syndromes similar to fibromyalgia, but of a severe type. The Lyme disease symptoms were sleep disorders, memory loss, unexplained chills, joint ache, regular infections, shortness of breath, poor concentration, weight loss, irregular heart beats, loss of appetite, visual changes and hair loss.

Nevertheless, this is just a fractional list, as there are more than 300 indications in the medical dictionary implying Lymes disease infection.

Fractional Lymes disease symptoms:

Non-specific Lyme disease symptoms: Sore throat, night sweats, severe fatigue, and inflamed glands are certain imprecise Lyme disease symptoms.

Skin: Rashes or skin abnormalities at bite site.

Digestion: Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain (especially in kids), and diarrhea are some of the prime digestive problems leading to Lymes disease.

Lungs and Heart: Vasculitis, pancarditis, myocarditis, carditis, and stroke, are heart and lungs related Lymes disease indications.

Muscles Joints: Loss of muscle tone, muscle ache, and arthritis that transfers from joint to joint makes the list of lymes disease pertained to muscles joints.

Nervous System: This is a crucial section of my research, as spinal nerve root pain, tremors, deficit reflexes, irregular blood flow in brain, confusions, mood swings and speech difficulties are major nervous system difficulties indicating severe Lymes disease condition.

I also noticed dementia, panic attacks, compulsive disorder, and uneasy sleep patterns affecting the nervous system.

Pregnancy and Reproductive System: Urine control problems, bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction, testicular pain, miscarriage, and delayed baby development are principal reproductive Lyme disease symptoms.

The above mentioned description is not a diagnostic tool, but the intention is to proffer a foundation for you to have a discussion with your personal physician regarding the countless Lyme disease symptoms.