Lyme Disease and Autism – is there a connection?

Is autism one of Lyme disease symptoms?

Did you know that Most of the autism and Lyme disease characteristics are commonly shared out by the neurological system?!

Latest media articles suggest that there is a connection between autism and Lyme disease symptoms. This article will debate on this significant issue. First, Lyme disease occurs as a result of tick bites, and certainly 869899_childs_play.jpgmanifests itself with the symptoms that are alike to autism. Lyme disease can also diminish the human’s immune limen, making human bodies more vulnerable to immune system.

Physicians treat Lyme disease symptoms with antibiotics. Indeed, a study report says that, sometimes autism causes Lyme disease and thus, the treatment taken for Lyme perhaps cure autism related illnesses as well. Of course, this would be a massive benefit to the community of autism.

How possibly Lyme disease causes a few illnesses of autism? While a firm known as, Lyme Induced Autism says that, it is not 100% assured fact that Lyme disease triggers autism. In addition, there is no proof of research work to validate this data. Nonetheless, this firm has been gathering funds to carry out research work and hopes to get the evidence they seek.

Meanwhile, Brain A. Fallon, a Columbia university examiner is currently on the process to conduct an epidemiological study that compares rates of autism disease to rates of Lyme disease. If this study report suggests any connection between Lyme disease and Autism, then further study may be insurable.

Often, you may ask is there any connection between Lyme disease symptoms and autism? However, the answer is quite simple. Even, to become precise, I compare the reviews and reports of two firms that involved in the research work of Lyme disease and autism connection.

Lyme Induced Autism Foundation in their press release said that, up to 90% of kids having autism is only because of with Lyme disease symptoms. In contrast, the Columbia University’s Research Description says that, during the research work done among kids with Lyme disease symptoms, they found autistic-like illnesses developed in the child’s body. While the kids receive severe antibiotic therapy, their autistic disorders dramatically reduce. Even in few cases, the antibiotic therapy completely cures the child’s autistic syndromes.


Most of the autism and lyme disease characteristics are commonly shared out by the neurological system. These include thyroid antibodies, tiredness, quick mood swings, memory impairment, stuttering, depression, seizures, memory loss, bladder dyscontrol, violent behavior outbreaks, touch sensitivity, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Meanwhile, it is a wise idea to protect your kids and yourself from Lyme disease that certainly causes serious impairment.