Lymes Disease – Africa, Asia and the Pacific

thel ymes disease imageAsia – Borrelia burgdorferi infested ticks are being found more frequently in Japan, as well as in Northwest China and far eastern Russia. Borrelia has been isolated in Mongolia as well.

Taiwan, Korea, India Japanand other countries have reported isolated, though increasing, incidences of the Lymes disease.

Lymes in Africa Researchers found various strains of Borrelia in ticks located in Tunisia and Morocco. More than 40 published studies have been released chronicling Lymes Disease in Africa.

On September 24, 2007, Afriqu’ Echos Magazine, one of the larger news magazines in Africa, reported on a team of researchers who, from 1990 to 2003, studied the disease in Dielmo, a Senegalese village. They found that over 11% of village Africans have suffered from Lymes disease symptoms and bacteria at least once in their life. The French Institute of Research and Development (the IRD) estimated a rural African area of Dakar and found that Lymes disease was the main common reason for pharmacy consultations after Malaria.

In Northern Africa Lyme symptoms has been recognized in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia. Lymes disease in sub-Saharan is presently unknown, but evidence indicates that Lymes disease may occur in humans in this region. The large number of hosts and tick vectors would favor the establishment of Lymes infection in Africa. In East Africa, two cases of Lymes disease have been reported in Kenya.

Australia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand and other countries have reported isolated, although increasing, incidences of the Lymes disease.

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