Lyme disease Symptoms and Treatment – Caring for a Child

Kids and Lyme disease symptoms plus treatment

Lyme disease mainly arises due to infection of Borrelia burgdorferi. It transmits through the bite of infected ticks, who also feed on deer and mice. It occurs most commonly in the months of summer and spring.In most cases, the Lyme disease symptoms eliminate due to antibiotics, especially if people begin their treatment early inthe course of their illness.

Lyme disease Symptoms and Treatment – Caring for a Child

Lyme disease has three phases that afflicted my child:-

  • Persisting Late disease
  • Early disseminated disease
  • Early localized disease

Characteristic symptoms of Lyme disease takes a few days to a month after the tick’s bite. The lesion that is typical of the early stage of Lymes disease does develop in some but not in all people. In case, it is untreated in children, the disease may spread to the lymph nodes.

Usually, children who contract Lyme disease suffer from loss of concentration and damage to their short-term memory. Although, it may seem difficult to diagnose their disease in the beginning since the Lyme disease symptoms that are common to other diseases, parents and teachers alike have to handle such children with care.

In the middle phase of this disease, my child suffered from multiple skin lesions with neck pain, joint pain, headache and flu like symptoms. In addition, he also suffered from nerve and heart symptoms along with arthritis. He developed this at a later stage, beginning from few months to about 2 years after initial infection.

Late Stages and Risk factors of Lyme Disease:

In its later stages, Lyme disease affects the body system, usually the heart, the joint and the nervous systems. The late Lyme disease symptoms appear after months and years of infection and are usually difficult to treat.

The risk of development of Lyme disease mainly depends on the exposure of the children to ticks. Usually, children who spend a lot of their time visiting outdoors, particularly in the wooded areas, are more likely to contract the Lyme disease.

The number of cases of the disease in the region mainly depends on the amount of the ticks in the area. It also depends on how often the ticks infect themselves with Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Most often, Lyme disease was reported in the Northeastern region of the United States. However, presently, this disease has spread to all the 50 states in addition to Japan, China, Europe and Australia.

Main of Lyme disease Symptoms are as follows:-

  • A skin rash that often resembles a bull’s eye
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • Swelling of knees and other joints

When I realized that my child has Lyme disease, I immediately consulted with my physician and thankfully, he is presently receiving proper treatment.