Lyme Disease symptoms in Women are More Tricky to Recognize than in Men!

Diagnosing Lyme disease in woman are much more complicated than in men.

The reason for the complications is because of the 28 days hormonal cycles. It is customary in women receiving estrogen replacement as well.When describing Lyme symptoms to a doctor, women are often told they are menopausal, emotional and are hypochondriacs, especially if they cannot recall being bitten by a tick.
As other emotional and psychological effects are parallel to usual conditions throughout menstruation or pregnancy, it again increases the chances of misdiagnosis.The existence of pathogens in women system may not be a good omen taking into consideration those cycles and hormone releases that happen every now and then. This is why Lyme symptoms in women is more tricky to recognize.

As the Lyme symptoms increase, when a woman’s hormonal level drops every month, nearly all doctors will speak about “female problems”.  I would like to remind you the Lyme symptoms :

Lyme disease can affect the nervous system. Lyme symptoms may come out months after you’ve been bitten include lack of sensation, tingling, impermanent paralysis of facial muscles or other nervous system problems; causing Lyme symptoms such as stiff neck and severe headache, rapid irregular heartbeats or other irregularities and swollen joints (especially the knees), pain or weakness in the limbs or poor coordination.
You Can’t Get Lyme Disease from: eating deer or squirrel meat, someone with Lyme disease.
You cannot get Lyme from touching, kissing or having sex with someone with Lyme disease
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Lyme Disease Remedy Information

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