Lyme Disease Treatment: How to Get Rid of Lyme Disease Symptoms?

How to get rid of Lyme disease symptoms?

I had undergone a life changing personal experience of horrific Lyme Disease. It was the most challenging, yet rewarding time of my entire lifetime.

On August 1992, a trick did bit my hands that made me so ill, but I was not sure about the side effects. However, within a few days, rashes were visible on my hands, and then, I realized the infection of Lyme disease on my body. Then, immediately my friends had advised me to consult a physician to take proper treatment for Lyme disease to avoid any future side effects.

I consulted a physician, who had suggested me to take Penicillin for initial two weeks and followed by next four weeks. In the initial stage, the outcomes to Lyme disease symptoms were nominal. But, slowly I started experiencing many fallouts including Yeast Infection due to Penicillin’s negative effects on the friendly acidophilic germs in my colon and stomach.

Lyme Disease Treatment

As this Lyme Disease Treatment failed to work on my body, I consulted another physician who has suggested me to take a Mefoxin known as Rocephan. Unfortunately, this Lyme disease treatment also failed to work as in the case of Penicillin. On the other hand, it had several horrible fallouts on my body worsening my candida yeast illness.

I was very scared, since day-by-day my body started losing its strength. Then, one of my close friends suggested me a good physician in Colorado well known for Lyme disease treatment. He had advised me to follow up simple healthy diet such as diary, gluten, and other sugar free diets. You will not believe this, within a few weeks it had helped me a lot and I got rid of Lyme disease illnesses.

A few Chinese herbs also help to get rid of Lyme disease. A few physicians suggest Mild Silver Protein for quick and speedy relieve from Lyme disease. After following up regular and healthy diets and Chinese herbs, all Lyme disease symptoms in my body including paralysis, intense pain, and the numbness were relieved up to 100% without any side effects.


Within a few years, medical practitioners of several universities proved that the Mild Silver Protein not only works well on this Lyme disease, but also with other kinds of illnesses with respect to viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Hence, as per my personal experience, I feel that Healthy diets, Chinese herbs and Mild Silver Protein are the ideal and beneficial Lyme disease treatment, to get rid of Lyme.