Lymes? What Is It? Causes and Stages

Lyme symptoms: causes and stages

Lymes is an infectious disease caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. Usually, the transmitter of this infection is the bite from an infected deer tick or black legged. However, there are other vectors too. This bacterium is also present in animals such as deer and mice. Ixodes ticks pick this bacterium while biting an infected animal. This when transmitted into an individual leads to Lymes.Lymes test

Ticks survive in shrubs and grass. They join themselves to an appropriate host when it crosses by. These ticks are minute and very hard to spot.

Lymes presentation varies greatly. In my case, in the initial stage, I developed rashes on my body and had persistent flu. Later on, I started experiencing all sorts of pains in my body. Moreover, I felt as if I was becoming mentally unstable, when I came to know that, it leads to neurological, arthritic, cardiac, and musculoskeletal disorders.

The Three Stages of Lymes:

When I started gathering more information on Lymes, I found that it usually affects the joints, skin, and nervous system of an individual.

Below mentioned are the three stages of Lymes:

First Stage:

The primary indication of Lymes is formation of a circular rash termed as erythema migrans. This rash appears between one to two weeks of transmission. It appears generally like a bull’s eye that has an inner red spot circled by clear skin encircled by an enlarging red rash. The rash is warm when touched and usually do not pains or causes itching to the individuals. I guess, for people with dark skin tones, it is hard to spot bull’s eye rash.

Second Stage:

In this stage, besides rashes, I noticed other symptoms of lymes like swollen lymph nodes, headache, muscle pain and fatigue. I also learnt that, in some people, the infection spreads in other organs of the body as well. Lymes can also happen to someone who has never even developed the primary rashes. It can affect the heart, leading to chest pain or irregular heat beats. If the disease extends to the nervous system, it can cause facial paralysis and numbness in legs and arms.

Third Stage:

This stage of Lymes occurs, in case the early diagnosis is not done and dealt with. The lyme symptoms at this stage can occur at anytime spanning from few weeks to months or even years, past an infectious tick bite. At this stage, I remembered I developed arthritis problems peculiarly in knees.

The severity of Lymes and Lyme symptoms varies from one individual to other.

I want to tell people that lymes is not contagious. I contracted Lymes while playing golf. Thus, be wary while stepping out in woods as lymes disease mostly affects people, who spend a large amount of time in wooded areas.