Protecting Your Dog From Lyme Disease/Tick Bites–Part 1

Lyme disease, the disease of a thousand faces, is growing to become America’s fastest-growing and most misdiagnosed disease.Lymes disease ticks carriers

One of the most satisfying experiences you can have in a lifetime is to own a dog. As a dog owner, there are many acts you can do to reduce the harm possibility to your pet.

As the weather is getting nicer, your dog spends more time in the open air and is more vulnerable to dangers. Being alert for ticks that spread diseases is important. Tick bites are harmful to your dog and family’s health. Bushy regions might be insecure to your pet.

Several veterinarians and pet owners observed lymes disease symptoms in cats, dogs, goats, cattle, sheep, and horses. Hence, avoiding tick bites and receive treatment on time for Lymes in your pet is vital.

Lymes is not spread directly from dogs to humans. But, dogs can serve as a reservoir for the infective organism, Borrelia burgdorferi. Infected dogs with Borrelia organisms do develop high numbers of the organism in their blood streams to infect ticks that bite them. Therefore, if a household dog has Lyme’s disease, it would seem to increase the risk to the humans in the household, since a tick could become infected by the dog and then attach to a person and pass the infection on.

Therefore, it is important to try keeping ticks off the dog, and checking your dog for ticks.

Lyme’s symptoms may come and go.

Lyme’s symptoms are variant in intensity from mild to severe.

Lyme’s symptoms can mimic countless other conditions. In many dogs, the lyme symptoms are not apparent for several months after infection.

Lyme’s symptoms in dogs:

1. Painful joints – dogs are showing limping signs for the first 4 days. The affected limb is getting inflated and causing muscles pains. Due to pains, the dog might refuse to walk up. 2. The fever range is between 103°F – 105°F 3. Infected dogs suffer from vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration. 4. Poor appetite. Your dog may be lethargic, showing tiredness signs 5. Lyme’s tick bites may cause damage to the nervous system, heart, eyes, and kidneys if not treated on time

Now that you know more about lyme disease symptoms, here is the second part of how to avoid tick bites to prevent Lymes in your dog.