Women Dealing With Lyme Disease During Pregnancy

Dealing With Lyme Symptoms During Pregnancy

Pregnant women can pass Lyme disease through the placenta to the fetus causing stillborn birth.  The good news is that if pregnant women are treated with antibiotics, no adverse affects from Lyme disease are transmitted to the baby.

The treatment of antibiotics will make lyme symptoms worse once hormone levels drop. The Lyme symptoms worsen because women’s immune systems weaken when hormones lessen in number.
Antibiotic  treatment for female Lyme disease patients may cause Candida / yeast infection. The symptoms are range blisters in the soft tissues and swollen genitals and not the usual vaginal yeast infection.

Some over the counter topical applications will help, however, a prescribed medication will be much more helpful. This does affect libido and a normal sex life and can test the depth of a relationship beyond that of the months of undiagnosed Lyme symptoms.

Even after starting an antibiotic treatment for Lymes, women will still get worse Lyme symptoms every month when hormone drops. This is the time when the immune system function is influenced and a woman is more susceptible to viral infection. Remember, antibiotics will kill bacteria but not a virus. This is the time to boost the immune system.
If a woman is infected while pregnant, treatment with antibiotics will not affect the pregnancy and is recommended.

A number of other spirochete diseases, if contracted in pregnancy, have been shown to cause fetal harm and there is concern over a similar effect with gestational borreliosis.

Antibiotics can be given to pregnant women with Lymes.  The earlier you catch Lymes, the more likely that you’ll avoid its complications and Lyme symptoms.
Those who have active Lymes disease even before pregnancy or have a history of being treated for Lyme symptoms should be treated intravenously with antibiotics.
Pregnant women should take urine antigen tests every month until the end of the second trimester to confirm results.
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